Operating Structure Review

Through our diversified industry knowledge as charted accountants, tax specialists and engineers we are able to provide a holistic view of an entity’s operations and provide insights on how best to optimize processes and ensure efficiencies whether it’s in their core operations or supporting functions like finance or human resources.

Financial and internal controls reviews and implementations

Leveraging off our expertise and experience both in accounting and internal auditing, we are able to assess an entity’s internal control and provide recommendations and best practice. We also assist clients with the implementation and monitoring of changes in internal controls.

BBEE Advisory

Thamani assists companies in identifying, designing, implementing and monitoring and evaluation of appropriate enterprise and supplier development initiatives in order for our clients to maximize their points.

Our particular expertise in this area of the scorecard is based on solid business experience. When your organization needs measurable transformation, we bring an independent and professional perspective along with the tools, personnel, and insights to create a feasible solution.

Our team will partner with yours to drive a company-led process including:

Strategy Development & Implementation

Total Company Performance Improvement & Transformation

Project Management

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